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Daily Parts Meditation Practice® with Michelle Glass

Season 1, Episode 32, Release Date 6-2-2024

Today I am so excited to share the beautiful conversation that I had with Michelle Glass.

Michelle is a Level 3 trained IFS practitioner, who has written the wonderful book, "Daily Parts Meditation Practice®."

Michelle is a Soul Collage facilitator, as well as a Spiritual Emergence Coach.

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Michelle shared how she checks in with her parts every day. In this way, she has been able to cultivate deep relationships with her inner parts.

Michelle quoted A.H. Almaas, who has said, "The fundamental thing that happened, and the greatest calamity, is not that there was no love or support. The greater calamity, which is caused by the first calamity, is that you lost the connection to your essence. This is much more important than whether your mother or father loved you or not." Michelle shared that the worst part of trauma was how that it made her question if there was a High Power.

Michelle shared how unburdening her parts in IFS, enabled her to reconnect to this Higher Power.

Michelle is also passionate about helping us integrate our parts, particularly after they are unburdened, so that the parts gifts could be infused back into our lives. We are then able to connect with our parts natural qualities, to help us understand our life purpose, and the wonderful gifts we possess.

Thank you Michelle for such a lovely and meaningful conversation!

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